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How much is life insurance?

It’s completely free to get a quote and to use their service, you only ever pay the insurance company the monthly premiums – these will never change for the term of your policy.

Cover starts from only £10 per month.

What if I have a medical condition?

Their brokers will talk you through some simple questions so that everything is noted down in your application, it’s really important that everything is covered so the insurance company definitely pays out on a claim. Also, they often write to your doctor for a report, that way, if you do forget something, they have it on file.

Does life insurance really payout?

Life insurance is a very simple product if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness (given 12 months or less to live) they payout.

Over 98% of protection claims are paid out, the remaining 2% is due to people not disclosing a medical condition, so it’s important you tell us everything up front.

Do I need to speak to someone, or can I get quotes online?

They work with the top Life Insurance brokers in the UK who specialize in finding the right cover for every customer. They compare the top insurance providers to find you the best quote and can talk you through every option. If you have a medical condition or a hazardous job, they can speak to all the insurers to find a policy for you.

Why get life insurance?

Sadly, we avoid talking about death because it’s the one subject that makes us all a bit uneasy, but the truth is that every year in the UK 45,000 children lose a parent.

If the worst happens to you, Life Insurance pays out a lump sum taking the worry of money away from your family.

How will my information be used?

The information you provide will be shared with insurance agents and providers that intend to assist you with insurance quotes and policy information. They will not sell or redistribute your information to any other third party other than in compliance with their Privacy Policy.

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