Everything You Need To Clean In Your Home To Avoid Coronavirus

After the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that Coronavirus is already a global public health emergency, we want to reveal how you should clean the house to prevent it. (Was bat soup really the origin of the Coronavirus?)

Like any viral disease, the Coronavirus can attack people with low defenses and, with more reason, more care should be taken in cleaning the home.

According to María Gagliardi, cleaning expert at The Clorox Company, you should “focus on the bathroom and kitchen, and on any shared surface in the bedroom.” If someone in your family got sick recently, you need to clean every space where you spent time.

If you ate breakfast in the kitchen, it’s also important to sanitize your countertops, refrigerator, faucet, cabinet handles, and any areas you might have had contact with.

On the other hand, some of the most important surfaces to disinfect are television remote controls and door handles, as families of germs can emerge in these areas.

Although it is normal to clean them regularly throughout the year, it is necessary to do it after someone got the flu, because the virus can live on these surfaces for up to 48 hours.

Likewise, it is required to disinfect porous surfaces that are frequently touched such as tables, light switches, and door locks as part of a routine after the winter season or colds, in this way you can help prevent the spread of these diseases.

By spending a lot of time in their bed, flu patients can infect sheets, pillowcases and pajamas, and even their cell phones, TVs or tablets, where bacteria can be found, so don’t forget to clean them thoroughly!

It is recommended to wash your hands regularly and do it with warm soapy water, or alternatively, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

So, to cope with the Coronavirus, take note of these places where viruses can easily stay alive and help effectively stop their spread.

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