4 Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Quote

Finding low-cost life insurance need not be a complicated process. The life insurance market in the UK is too cost competitive, with a glut of cost orientated life insurance companies keeping the cost of life insurance at record low levels. Competition in low-cost life insurance has increased further over the last few years, with low-cost UK supermarkets like Tesco and ASDA now offering cut-price low-cost life insurance. A £100,000 term life insurance policy for 25 years now has a low cost of around £5 – £6 per month for a young non-smoker with low susceptibility to health problems.

But, despite the greater accessibility of low-cost life policies, the cost of life insurance premiums does vary. Here is a review of the major factors that influence the cost of life insurance policies:

Low Insurance Age

The age at which a life insurance policy is taken out has a significant impact on the low cost of the life insurance premiums paid. The younger you are when you start a life insurance policy then the better chance you have of obtaining a life insurance policy at a low cost. This is because at a younger age you are viewed as being at low risk of passing away than someone 30 or 40 years your senior. Life insurance premiums will, therefore, be at a low cost for young people, but not so low cost for older people.


Life insurance companies will award low-cost life insurance to people who have low health risks. To qualify for life insurance at low cost on health grounds you will need a low level of hereditary disease running in your family. If you suffer from a life-threatening disease, such as cancer or heart disease, your life insurance cost will not be so low. Also, if asthma, high blood pressure or cholesterol problems exist then a low-cost insurance policy could cost that little bit more.


A low-cost life policy is available to those with a low stress / low danger lifestyle. If you drink excessively or you are a smoker or practise extreme or dangerous sports/activities then a life insurance policy that is low cost could be out of your reach.

Insurer Cost

Finally, no matter what type of life insurance cover you have, be sure to check the cost of other life insurance policies regularly. The life insurance market is always changing, so you just might find a better low-cost provider of low-cost life insurance the next time you search the life insurance market for low-cost insurance policies.

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